2023 3rd International Conference on Internet Technology and Educational Informatization(ITEI 2023)

Call For Papers

welcomes author submission of papers concerning any branch of the Educational information and Technology, and their applications in education, and other subjects. The subjects include database technology, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, software engineering, distance education for computers, innovative pedagogies, and their applications.

Computer Engineering and Information Technology

• Artificial Intelligence in Education

• Computer Application

• Database Technology

• Digital Libraries
• Image processing

• Information Systems Applications (incl.Internet)
• Intelligent Tutoring Systems

• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Mobile Applications and Learning

• Software Engineering

• User Interfaces and Human Computer Interaction
• Virtual and Augmented Reality

• Virtual Classrooms and Labs

Educational Models and Methods

• Active learning

• Blend learning
• Collaborative Learning
• Community Building

• Computer Appl. in Social and Behavioural Sciences
• Distance Education for Computers

• Education, general
• Educational Technology
• e-Learning
• Gamification for Learning

• Learning models
• Life-long education
• Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)
• Pedagogy Enhancement with E-Learning

• Service learning

• English Education

Inclusive Learning

• Accessibility to Disabled Users
• Assistive Technologies
• Behavioral Problems
• ICT and Dyslexic Students
• Multicultural Inclusion
• Students with Special Needs


Other relevant topics are accepted